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  • late night beats // early morning hangovers

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  • i’ve always known
    and through the vibrations in my teeth
    dancing with the winds running through them
    and through the stony silences that i choose to ignore
    i tell myself there’s nothing missing
    these cracks were always here
    just to spite myself
    just a little trick
    a playful prick for a masochist
    and the illusion is gone
    and back again
    before i can blink
    i only want to close my eyes
    my heart beat loudly today
    louder and louder
    my veins uniformly stood at attention
    as my skin crawled in perfect formation
    i felt a tension that’s been missing
    along with a whirlwind of memories
    slivers falling through a sea of dust
    i’m at the bottom of this pit
    looking up through foggy air and tired eyes
    what did it feel like
    i’ve always known

  • acidadebranca:


    Queluz  palace, an 18th century-royal residence which is one of the main rococo buildings in Portugal.

    Manuel Caetano de Sousa | Palácio Real de Queluz |  1785-1792 | Queluz, Sintra, Portugal

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  • blastedheath:

    Friedrich Gauermann (Austrian, 1807–1862), Baumstudie [Tree study], 1826. Oil on panel, 43 x 33.7 cm.

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  • drencrome:

    DREAMCRUSHER “#REYKJAVIK” http://soundcloud.com/drencrome/dreamcrusher-reykjavik FROM THE #ANTIPOP EP

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  • nyctaeus:

    L’Introuvable, 1937

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  • last night was the first time in a while that i’ve felt that
    slow lips pressed upon an unrecognizable face
    my face
    we were hiding in a shallow corner of the room
    barely hidden at all
    and that’s the thing
    i wasn’t hiding at all
    staring into eyes holding onto the world with their gaze
    i recognized that look
    it was familiar and it scared me
    and predictably it excited me
    and i began to feel all those things i left behind
    violent and wonderful and more than a little mad
    in my memory it lasts less time than it really did
    i can only see it all in fast motion
    the track is skipping
    the plot is thin
    and i could hardly care now
    but then
    but then

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  • syggy:


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  • a-l-ancien-regime:

    The bedroom in the apartment of the Marquise de Pompadour inside the Versailles palace

    This apartment is located in the attic above the State Apartment of the King, above the Mercury and Apollo salons. It was occupied, from 1745 to 1750, by Madame de Pompadour.

    The beautiful woodwork is painted in white and green “Martin’s varnish”. The furniture that can be seen there today dates back to the 18th century.

    Nearby, Madame de Pompadour had a “flying chair” installed, a genuine little lift which could be manoeuvred by means of a wheel and a counterweight.

    In 1750, the relations between Louis XV and the Marquise changed: having ceased to be his mistress, she nevertheless remained his friend and confidante. It was then that she left this apartment to settle on the ground floor of the palace, where before long the King’s youngest daughters became her neighbors.

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